The  Grail  Church
Its Ancient Tradition and Renewed Flowering

Written by XSeŠn Manchester

Hardcover edition W photographs W line illustrations
ISBN 1 871151 01 5


“Many will have heard the legends concerning Jesus visiting Glastonbury and St Joseph of Arimathea bringing to that sacred place the Holy Grail. This book provides the evidence. It also addresses the systematic erosion of belief in our times and provides disturbing reasons why even some ‘Christians’ no longer accept a personal God or the existence of the devil.”

~ Melvyn Willin
(reviewing The Grail Church in Society News)

“Fascinating reading for anybody interested in Jesus’ wilderness years and history of the Apostolic Church of the Holy Grail in Britain from its birth through its disappearance for twelve centuries ~ and then its rebirth in April 1973.”

~ Shaun Marin
The Grail Church in Encounters)

“The Holy Grail is identified with the chalice drunk by Christ at the Last Supper, which was then used to collect some of His blood at the Crucifixion. Afterwards the chalice disappeared. … The Grail’s mysteries are held to transcend life and death, and its awesome power brings dire misfortune upon anyone who betrays its secret. … Many of these ideas can be discerned in [Bram Stoker’s] Dracula.”

~ Clive Leatherdale
(Dracula: The Novel & The Legend, 1985)

A spiritual Odyssey unfolds alongside the story of the coming of the Grail to England ~ plus the birth, death and resurrection of a pure branch of Christianity.

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