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The Highgate Vampire
North Gate

Copyright ©
SeŠn Manchester

 The definitive account of the UK’s best documented contemporary
vampire case written by the man who led the only investigation into

the spectral hauntings, nightly visitations, demonic disturbances and

blood-lettings at Highgate Cemetery and environs from 1969-1982.

 “Ever since I became aware that Highgate Cemetery was the reputed haunt of a vampire, the investigations and activities of SeŠn Manchester commanded my attention. I became convinced that, more than anyone else, he knew the full story of the Highgate Vampire.”
~ Peter Underwood, ghost hunter & author, The Ghost Club Society,
London, England

 “I am very impressed by the body of scholarship you have created. SeŠn Manchester is undoubtedly the father of modern vampirological research.”
~ John Godl, paranormal researcher and writer,
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

 “SeŠn Manchester is to be congratulated on this fine piece of research work which I confess to enjoying to the extreme.”
~ Professor Devendra P Varma, vampirologist & author, Dalhousie University,
Halifax, Canada

 “Fascinating in its subject matter and magnificent in the quality of its prose. SeŠn Manchester’s literary style is refreshingly reminiscent of the Gothic genre.”
~ Paul Spencer Vickers, Dept of English Literature, University College,
London, England

 “SeŠn Manchester is the most celebrated vampirologist of the twentieth century.”
~ Shaun Marin, reviewer and sub-editor, Uri Geller’s Encounters magazine,

 “A most interesting and useful addition to the literature of the subject.”
~ Reverend Basil Youdell, Literary Editor Orthodox News, Christ the Saviour,
Woolwich, England

 “This book will certainly be read in a hundred years time, two hundred years time, three hundred years time ~ in short, for as long as mankind is interested in the supernatural. It has the most genuine power to grip. Once you have started to read it, it is virtually impossible to put it down.”
Lyndall Mack, Udolpho magazine, Chislehurst, England

Female Vampire
Copyright © SeŠn Manchester

Spectres rising from tombs, ghostly manifestations in moonlit lanes, nocturnal attacks on people and animals, corpses drained of blood ~ almost everyone has heard tales of the Highgate Vampire, but only in SeŠn Manchester’s book can the full account be read by the person who led the only investigation to take place into these mysterious happenings. Lavishly illustrated with case file photographs and unique artwork, The Highgate Vampire is an absolutely essential addition to any vampire aficionado’s collection.  

Book Cover

Special collectors’ edition ~ signed by the author ~ fully revised and updated
with original photographs from the case files of the Vampire Research Society

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