The Vampire Hunter’s Handbook

A Concise Vampirological Guide

Written by the President of the UK’s Vampire Research Society
Nunhead Cemetery
Copyright © SeŠn Manchester

“This book is not about fictional vampires of the Bram Stoker’s Dracula genre, but
real life blood sucking monsters. It should also be pointed out that there is a long
tradition of people who hunt down and kill vampires. This book is not for the faint-

hearted, or those people who live alone in rambling houses located on deserted moors.”
~ Shaun Marin
Uri Geller’s Encounters

Nunhead Tomb
Copyright © SeŠn Manchester

“SeŠn Manchester is an imposing figure … he is Britain’s only full-time vampire hunter.
Manchester is, unsurprisingly, very well read in both classical and more recent sources
on vampires and vampirism, and cites them with great authority while taking the reader
through a brief tour of vampire lore and mythology. This is a book I’d recommend to any-
body with an interest in Manchester or vampires. The parts which deal with vampires are
obviously based on years of substantial research and personal experience. The back cover
photograph, showing Manchester apparently fending off an attack from several of the

largest bats on the planet, is almost worth the cover price on its own.”
~ Joe McNally
Fortean Times

Sean Manchester with Van Helsing Stake
Copyright © SeŠn Manchester

The Vampire Hunter’s Handbook

A Concise Vampirological Guide

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